Lambton College / Drystill CARAF apparatus

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Drystill has partnered with Lambton College’s Center of Excellence in Energy and Bio-Industrial Technology. With a team lead by Dr. Reyna Gomez-Flores, they are studying the use of Pass-Through Distillation in a Concurrent Alcohol Removal and Fermentation (CARAF) system. This would allow an on-going alcohol production fermentation to be paired with continuous alcohol recovery. CARAF experiments have been done in other labs, showing results with improved productivity. However, Lambton College is the first to utilize Pass-Through Distillation technology for alcohol recovery, which can be practical at industrial scale.

Lambton CoThe CARAF Apparatus is equipped with a 5L Bioreactor, a lab scale versi†on of Drystill’s Pass-Through Distillation Technology, and an automated control panel. The control panel was designed and installed by Lambton College’s Instrumentation Team. This panel enables the operator to control the system from a Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen.

The main goal of this collaboration is to validate the CARAF technology utilizing different industrial fermentation substrates. The results will showcase how the Drystill Technology can be used in various industrial applications (i.e. Biofuels Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, etc.).

Lambton College CARAF Team

L to R Carlos Diaz, Teri Doxtator, Kurtis Tamming, Dr. Reyna Gomez and Akshat Shah

L to R  Dr. Reyna Gomez, Kurtis Tamming, Akshat Shah, Teri Doxtator, and Carlos Diaz