Welcome to PTD 101

A half-hour course comprising six videos that explain the basics of the topic.

View each lecture in sequence by clicking on it; that will invoke a short YouTube video.

Lecture 1: Defining the term

Lecture 2: Temperatures and Pressures

Lecture 3: Multiple Effect Distillation

Lecture 4: A Working Example

Lecture 5: SAM – a special device

Lecture 6: Heating pipes

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#1. Pass-through distillation is a short-hand way of saying


#2. Liquids can be caused to boil at low temperatures through


#3. PTD involves a multiple effect distillation train. The fluid fed to it is


#4. The front end evaporator in PTD gets its heat from


#5. If a single effect distillation is replaced by PTD with a 3 effect desorber, energy savings should be on the order of


#6. An existing commercial device using a form of PTD is


#7. The above device becomes a PTD still when changed from


#8. A stripper/absorber module (SAM) simplifies a PTD apparatus by


#9. PTD requires a vacuum pump to carry away gases that that were originally dissolved in the process feed. The inlet of the vacuum pump connects to a port near ? Draw yourself a sketch before answering!


#10. A SAM can be made elegantly simple in construction through the use of


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  1. Very impressive Professor Ian. You have taken your education and marketing to a new level with your Linked-In network and video presentations.

    However, we need to drive more traffic to your new website and professional YouTube videos. Accelerating the rate of technology transfer is the key to success.

    Without studying for the exam which I wasn’t aware of before viewing this website and viewing your YouTube channel, I am going to wing it and give you my answers:


    So I am curious, anyone contact you about using the PTD and SAM for a “Continuous Stirred pH-redox Auxostat and Ethanol Stripping Integrated with Wet Fractionation, Separate Hydrolysis, Enzyme-Cell Biomass Recycling & Closed Loop Biosystems Architecture” like we discussed and developed the concept for several years ago?

    I have to admit, watching your videos and seeing how you have progressed in your PTD and SAM technology made me look back at what we discussed as contained in my compilation on the above concept. It would be nice to see it come to fruition one of these days.

    We need to generate some sales and get a deep pockets investor on board to speed things along!

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